Finally a blogger!

My first post…well this is new. I’ll start by introducing myself to all who will read, all 2 of you:) .  My name is Tonia, and I’m a Christ follower who constantly fails in small and big ways. Yet, with His help, I get right back up and continue in the marathon called life!  I’m also a stay at home wife and mother. I married my husband a little over 7 years ago, my highschool sweet heart, and so far it seems our marriage is only getting better! It helps that he’s a big goofball, so he keeps me entertained! We have two handsome boys; Evan who’s two, and Nathan just turned five months.


This whole blogging idea started a few months ago when we were having a conversation about what I’m good at… I think it was in a moment of darkness after surfing the web a wee bit too much and coming to the realization that…I have no skills or gifts (call it what you will!). There are so many super moms out there that are crafty, knit, cook, clean, make their own furniture, take super awesome professional photos, all the while looking like they belong on a cover of a magazine and their kids somehow never misbehave!. Well, being the great hubby that he is, he tried to cheer me up and we literally went through everything, trying to figure out what I’M good at and what I can do as a hobby. In the end, he gave up and told me to just go and become a seller on eBay (you know, because apparently I have a lot of junk lying around). Long story short, I decided to write about what goes on in my life as a way to unwind, relax and clear my mind. And if it happens to help or interest someone out there, then hey! That’s great!


Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to focus on here…(at the moment I should probably go focus on my two year old who is taking this opportunity of mommy typing away to enjoy that sugar on the counter) But whatever it may be, my hopes are that it will be encouraging and real! 


Till next time!