7 Things I’m Thankful For


1. A loving husband – Other than being my hero when it comes to spiders, (and other creepy insects) He is the one I lean on when I need major support. Yes, having those girlfriends is soo needed, but nothing substitutes a loving hubby who can lend a listening ear, and sometimes a loving rebuke! And of course, he makes me laugh till I cry, especially when I try to have a serious conversation with him. Have to be honest with you, I get angry when he does that, but it’s a little hard to show him you’re angry when you are curled up in a fetus position on the couch from laughing so hard! I really should be used to it by now. 🙂

2. My kids- How else would I find out that I’m selfish and lazy, if not for these little beings who constantly need my attention and care! When God says children are a blessing, He means it! Blessings don’t always come easily with pretty packaging. They aren’t always earthly possessions either! Blessings are those things that refine you, make you more beautiful and bring you closer to God. Children definitely fit the bill!

3. Sleepless Nights- There’s nothing like a few sleepless nights to bring out your true self! (she isn’t pretty!) God has been showing me how much I’m dependent on Him and how much I need to work on my self control, my love and peace.

4. Truths of Scripture- I say truths, because many times, I read scripture, and I take it for granted. There, in this amazing Book, God decided to reveal to us, lowly humans, His TRUTHS, His promises to us that never change! WE change our minds daily. As soon as we decorate a room, we get tired of it and want something different. We buy the next “thing” that will finally make us happy, and realize it doesn’t. We long to start a family and have kids so we can stay home with them and invest our time and energy into raising them, and as soon as the hard times come, we change our minds and long to go back into the work force (speaking from experience). So how wonderful it is to know that God doesn’t change! If He promised something, He WILL carry it out. How wonderful and terrifying at the same time! It’s these never ending truths that have become so dear to me as of lately. I’m learning to think on these truths, whenever a wave of doubt, or darkness comes my way (which with the lack of sleep it definitely has). I constantly have to tell my mind what to think. No, God DOES care, He does see, He does hear my pleas and He WILL answer! He is my rock and my shield, my salvation! 

5. My church family- I’m in a little protective bubble here! It’s a world of its own, a great big family that blesses and encourages me! None of us are perfect but we all strive for the same goal- to be more like Christ. And that’s what unites us! I can’t imagine moving away and not having them around!

6. A working roof over my head- There were a few times where for some reason our ceiling would leak. We would fix it (or so we thought) but then in the same spot water would leak out again. I remember placing buckets in our baby room and having to not forget to switch them when they would fill up. Oh, it was a miserable time. So now that the rains have come, I’m truly thankful to be able to sit in a house with a working roof. What a blessing!

7. Baby wipes- Thank you to whoever is responsible for this creation! It literally cleans ANYTHING! Just yesterday I used them to get out  Sharpie stains from my couch! Truly amazing! Here’s a little secret; sometimes, when I have unexpected guests arriving, I will wipe my kitchen floor using baby wipes. 🙂